Controlling humidity is the key

A humidifier replenishes the moisture in your home for a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment.

Too much or too little moisture in the air affects your comfort, your family's health and the condition of your home's interior and furnishings. Ideal humidity is usually between 30% and 60%.

Low humidity in the winter can cause dry skin and nasal passages, promote the growth of bacteria and viruses, cause static electricity, damage your woodwork and more. Moist air is not only healthier; it's also less expensive to heat than dry air.

High humidity in the summer allows faster growth of bacteria, viruses, dust mites, mould and mildew -all major allergy triggers. High humidity also causes paint to peel, and woodwork to warp, buckle and rot.

The Furnace Room can provide expert advice on how you can achieve the best possible combination of temperature and humidity in your home year round.